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Session Title:
Trusted Supplier, Trusted Supply Chain


Session description:
Trust is a built in drops and lost in buckets, as they quite correctly say. Credibility, reliability, and consistency are pillars of trust. Can you trust your Tier 1 suppliers? What about Tier 2 or 3?

Traditional supplier qualification, validation, onboarding, and lifecycle management can be cumbersome and highly labor-intensive. What has been lacking is a trusted system that can provide visibility and validation throughout the management cycle.

“Trust Your Supplier” is a blockchain-based network that brings a new standard to supplier onboarding and management. The decentralized system transforms fragmented supplier management systems into an autonomous, closed-loop arrangement that enables speed, visibility and audit/verification integration.

Key takeaways:
The opportunity to join Trust Your Supplier and streamline your supplier management and onboarding.
Learn to leverage blockchain’s benefits: immutability, decentralization, and transparency to better manage suppliers and third-party relationships.