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This session begins at 12:30 EDT. Press ‘PLAY’ to begin your session with us.

Session description:

In many organizations, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has been implemented in an effort to more closely align the demand and supply sides of the company. However, many companies struggle to transform these processes into effective, corporate-wide planning frameworks. Particularly in complex global enterprises, demand and supply continue to confront expensive and disruptive disconnects.

Systems such as TMS, WMS, SC and inventory management have all contributed to the optimization of our supply chains, and although these often deliver good performance outcomes, true cross-functional integration has proven elusive. S&OP often fails to take advantage of the insights provided by these information systems, and thus fails to deliver a truly integrated enterprise.

In this SCLA session, we will examine some of the reasons behind S&OP’s disappointments. We will identify key drivers of S&OP success, and encourage participants to move beyond S&OP toward a Demand-Supply Integration (DSI) perspective. We will explain how S&OP is often limited to tactical supply chain planning, while DSI is designed to elevate the process to the strategic level.

Key takeaways:

  • An approach for identifying strengths and weaknesses in current S&OP implementations.
  • A template for evaluating the process, organizational structure, and cultural dimensions of S&OP, along with practical steps to transform S&OP into true business integration.