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Session Title:
Tales of the Impossible: Finding Agility in the Retail Supply Chain


Session description:

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all businesses to pivot in demonstrable ways at unprecedented speed. Perhaps no segment of the supply chain was affected as much as retailers -- who, at first, experienced disrupted supply and then a consumer market that changed its preferences virtually overnight. Government mandates and requirements for social distancing dramatically altered physical store operations, with stay-at-home orders and shopper anxiety driving robust online sales. How have retailers addressed these landshift changes in supply and demand? Where are retailers looking to gain agility and sources of advantage? This session will examine these questions and more as companies throughout the supply chain look to be nimble, serving customers profitably in a "new normal" environment.

Key takeaways:

  • How much has COVID-19 and the fallout from it changed your business plans and how you compete?
  • Where are you finding opportunities to leverage agility -- upstream (supply base), in distribution, in stores?
  • How ready is the balance of your supply chain to support your pivots?
  • Has agility provided greater resilience? Are you ready for the next big disruption?
  • Where do you see your markets and businesses headed in the next five years?