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Description: This peer group examines a wide range of critical issues facing supply chain executives today and discusses what companies are doing about them. Foresight into future growth opportunities as well as unanticipated pitfalls will be explored.

Scope of Session: The scope of this peer group addresses matters of supply chain strategy and execution, including organization, culture, technology, globalization, regulations, and industry dynamics, among others. It provides a space for senior leadership to share vision and means.

Topics to be discussed: Topic selection is driven by the peer group interest, current events, and expectations of the future. Specific topics may include, but are not limited to, talent management, growth strategies, supply chain resilience, operational excellence, technology adoption, supplier/customer relationship management, sustainability, cross-functional integration, market trends, selling the value of supply chain execution, and any assortment of matters affecting supply chain excellence.

Who should attend: This peer group is limited to corporate members who serve on the Executive Committee.

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