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Session Title: Breakthrough Leadership!


Session description: Breakthrough Leadership!

Breakthrough Leadership is relevant now more than ever. As Supply Chain Leaders our experiences often have moments that can propel you to better energize your teams, build stronger and effective relationships, model your personal excellence and drive performance. The Covid-19 and recent Social Injustices’ impacts have tested us all as leaders. In this session, you will hear from five strong female leaders from multiple industries, on how the last six months have organically created these Breakthrough Leadership moments. Hearing these stories will inspire you as leaders and ignite the powerful attributes that we must have to lead our teams to success!

Key takeaways will be:

  • Inspirational leadership stories that can help affirm situations and positions that you as leaders have also been working through
  • Learn strategies and approach to keeping teams engaged during times of immense stress, heavy workloads, uncertainty and sometimes chaos
  • Work/life BALANCE how these leaders have transitioned to work from home environments, keeping themselves and their teams engaged
  • Social Injustices, Inclusion, Race Inequality and how to keep the conversation going with your teams
  • Adapting to change and tragedy when it hits close to your home or your team
  • Leading in an uncertainly environment where your business plan can change weekly, how to keep your team from being frustrated