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Session Title:
The Power of Data and the Role of Unique Identification

Jeff Cowan, Community Engagement Director, GS1 US

Session description:
Global commerce is changing rapidly--how can the supply chain industry do a better job of keeping up with new demands? By leveraging GS1 Standards, the most widely-used supply chain standards in the world, the industry can harness the power of data to align with consumer expectations and modernize the supply chain to become more adaptable to the pace of business.

Jeff Cowan will discuss how companies can leverage GS1 Standards to structure, govern, and share data so that it can be used effectively. Starting with unique identification as a basis, this common language of standards enables supply chain visibility, faster product recalls, product information transparency and a host of other business process efficiencies to help the supply chain evolve.

Key takeaways:
• Harnessing smart data to align with consumer expectations
• The value of unique identification
• How to leverage data effectively