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Leaf Logistics is here to help support your supply chain. With all of the uncertainty right now, we want to help reduce the volatility we are seeing in the Transportation Marketplace. Completely free of charge, Leaf will analytically review your domestic transportation network, using our proprietary data science algorithms, and provide recommendations on how to guarantee capacity compliance with forward contracts for full truckloads, as well as work with carriers for asset re-positioning and/or reciprocal routings. As this pandemic continues to put pressure on the supply chain, we want to help you be proactive in reviewing your supply chain needs. Please visit the Leaf assessment page posted below or contact me directly. Let us save you time and money.
It couldn’t be simpler.
1. Send us your data (under NDA if required)
2. We'll run it through our automated analytics
3. You'll get real, actionable results! Stay safe and stay close.