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Steven Holic has had 33 years of service at Philips. Currently he is Senior Director Warehouse & Distribution Strategy Integrated Warehousing & Distribution. Steve is responsible for the creation, development and deployment of the Philips global warehouse footprint. This responsibility includes total cost of ownership for Warehouse and distribution, for Philips (Factories, Spare Parts, HealthSystems and Products). Included in the responsibility is creation of optimize warehouse infrastructure (number and locations). Maximize synergies between business units, by running combined projects and programs to assure collaboration between businesses (multi-site / multi-customer) and Improve customer experience building innovation, driving operational excellence by outsourcing, automating, improving technology and infrastructure within the warehouse operations. This includes provider strategic, partnership and support including the provider selection process in close collaboration with factories, BU & F&D. Function may be called on to support other operations of IWD’s mission to drive excellence of speed, agility, predictability and reliability (Lean/ CI) to significantly improve performance and drive out cost. Final function is expected to benchmark and teaching new concepts, coach and develop talent within the Philips supply chain community.