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In this role Bob’s team leads Category Strategy for Distribution and Logistics, Kitchen Equipment, Toy’s, Packaging and Procurement & Sourcing services for IT, Marketing, and Development. The team is accountable for creation of global category strategies, category management, strategic sourcing and supplier management for specific global categories and suppliers, consulting with all global markets. Bob also leads the Digitization of Global Supply Chain data aimed at enhancing Supply Chain transparency and optimization.Prior to this role Bob was Vice President, U.S. Supply Chain Services for McDonald’s USA, leading the U.S. Field Supply Chain and Equipment Systems teams and managing categories including fashion apparel, packaging, kitchen equipment and toy purchases as well as logistics and distribution for nearly 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants. Additionally, Bob led the relationship with our Supply Chain Franchisee advisory council (National Supply Leadership Council) and managed the McDonald’s Supplier Diversity strategy for the U.S. Supply Chain. During his 25 years at McDonald’s Bob has worked in a variety of roles within the U.S. and our international markets. Prior to joining the U.S. Supply Chain team, Bob supported our international markets which included the role of Director of Latin America Logistics and Purchasing, where he was responsible for Latin American logistics strategy and purchasing for Colombia and Venezuela. Bob has pioneered Supply Chain initiatives in over 60 countries and supported the openings of multiple new countries in the McDonald’s system.