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Description: When properly organized with the right people and leadership, procurement will create a “real” competitive advantage for the company. This is accomplished by focusing on delivering value and savings, building strong strategic supplier relationships and driving innovation, improving quality and reputation, and reducing time to market.

Scope of session: Current challenges and opportunities in Procurement, identify current and future best practices, share experience on successful implementation of procurement initiatives, discussion of benefits, barriers to implementation and success factors.

Topics to be discussed: Initial topics are chosen by pre-conference participant’s feedback. The following list reflects examples of some past topics discussed. Strategic Sourcing Strategy , supplier Relationship Management (SRM) , alignment with the Business, global Procurement (off shore and near shore), leveraging new and existing information technology for procurement, supplier Performance Management, risk Management/Managing Supplier Compliance, managing in an ever-changing geopolitical environment

Who should attend: Professional decision-makers from the following functional areas should consider attending this session: Procurement (sometimes called Sourcing or Supply Management), Global Procurement, Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Materials Management

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