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Description: Your supply chain strategy sets the direction and roadmap to where you want to be over a multiyear time horizon. That strategy must be responsive to the market and recognize the company’s core competencies and resources. The supply chain strategy needs to be systematically developed, monitored and continuously reevaluated, responsive to the supply chain environment. Finally, the coronavirus outbreak, coupled with the Business Roundtable’s endorsement of a “stakeholder” approach highlight a new imperative: Supply Chains must be both responsible and sustainable. In turn each component of the supply chain such as logistics must have its own strategy that is aligned with the overall supply chain strategy. Elements of supply chain and logistics strategy include operating models, product flow (push versus pull and postponement), service versus cost goals, network planning and relationships, alignment, performance measurement, strategic investments and risk management.

Scope of session and topics to be discussed:

This session could cover any aspect of the development, implementation and performance measurement of the supply chain and logistics strategic plan as well as resilience and sustainability. Specific topics could include: alignment of supply chain strategies with those of the firm and its customers, and across supply chain functions, conducting timely environmental scans to maintain/enhance competitiveness, keeping supply chain complexity from undermining strategy, using metrics consistent with strategy, coordinating supply chain functions, recognizing megatrends impacting strategy, assessing supply chain capabilities, impact of mergers and acquisitions, supply chain transformation, and accounting for supply chain risk.

Who should attend: Managers of one or more supply chain functions such as Transportation, Logistics, Distribution, Operations, Sourcing and overall Supply Chain who have input into the strategic direction of the supply chain or its components.

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