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Description: One of the major battles being fought today by employers is in the area of talent management and leadership.

Scope of session: Scope of session will provide insight into critical areas needed to succeed in a competitive global market, such as: customer focused innovation, talent recruitment, development and retention, staff that can handle systemic continuous improvement programs such as Lean, change management in implementing new initiatives and programs, tying the corporate vision and values into the workplace for maximum communication, understanding and buy in by the employee health and wellness resulting in productivity and satisfaction gains

Topics to be discussed: SCM Talent Gap and how to overcome it, Management Development Programs, Succession Planning Processes, Training and Development Activities, Competencies Skills Assessment and Development, Recruiting Best Practices, Change Management, Corporate Goal Alignment, Managing your Hi-Potentials and Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y people, and How to leverage Universities in this important strategic initiative.

Who should attend: Senior SCM Leadership, Senior Human Resources Leadership, and any SCM executive that is interested in increasing productivity in his/her organization.

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